Monday, April 6, 2009

Alternative to Surgery for Gallbladder Congestion and Stones

Surgery to remove the gallbladder is not the only option for resolving the symptoms of gallbladder congestion and/or stone formation. Unless the organ is so diseased that removal is necessary, it is better to nurse sick and dysfunctional organs back to health because all body parts are there “for a reason”. While modern medicine has decided that we can live without certain “disposable” body parts (such as gallbladders, appendix, tonsils, uterus), the truth is that these “removable” organs play very important roles in the non-specific immunity of the individual. I find that patients are ALWAYS at risk of developing serious immune disorders (including cancers) when they no longer have these vital organs (of course, it is better that these organs BE vital and not diseased).

Gallbladder removal DOES have side effects … a common side effect being pancreatitis … (also weight gain). The gallbladder and pancreas work together in non-specific immunity – when you lose the gallbladder, the work-load for the pancreas becomes greater – thus it become diseased, too. Pancreatic disease is VERY serious – a healthy pancreas keeps cancer cells away. The body is an amazing machine – many people CAN and do live without their gallbladders because -- as with all traumas and diseases -- the body is always adapting and “doing with” what it has in order to keep the life alive. However, “doing without” is not without health consequences … it is better to re-create a healthy functioning gallbladder than it is to remove it.

Gallbladder problems has more to do with underlying conditions such as poor digestion, persistent viral infection, toxicity in the gut, hyperplasia of the bile or pancreatic ducts or liver disease. It is always best to get a full evaluation of what the underlying conditions are, but it is also easy enough to improve digestion (including gallbladder function) with healing/correcting Chinese herbs. Improving digestion does not necessarily require a full examination or doctor’s prescription. EVERYONE can benefit from flushing the gallbladder, stimulating pancreatic function and cleansing the bowels … and chances are that most diseases would begin to heal if digestion were improved and those digestive organs (liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas) were made healthier.

To improve digestive function and resolve gallbladder congestion, I suggest the following protocol (2 and 3 are available on and 1 is available by calling (904) 821-9535) :

1. Pancreatrophin – this is a Standard Process glandular food supplement provides the pancreas with the special nutrition it needs to heal itself so that it can produce more pancreatic enzymes (so important in digestion and immunity).

2. Lidan Tablets – this is a classic Chinese herbal formula designed to dissolve congestion (including stones) in the gallbladder and hyperplasia of the bile duct.

3. Gastroquell – this is a modern Chinese herbal formula (based on a classic formula) designed to improve all aspects of the digestive function, and especially useful for gastric pain.

There are many good tools for treating gallbladder problems and it is possible that there are other underlying issues that should be addressed as well. This protocol has been very effective for many people who suffered from frequent gallbladder attacks.

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