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Yeast and Parasites linked to chronic inflammation and poor digestion

Two natural consequences of immune deficiency states is parasite infestation and yeast over-growth. These conditions always manifest in patients who have chronic inflammatory conditions and poor digestion. The inflammatory process creates dampness as a buffer to protect vital organs and tissues from damage. Once the immune system has stabilized the inflammatory condition, the waste materials and fluids produced during the inflammatory process need to be eliminated to keep the body from becoming a sewer. When fluids are not metabolized properly, heat from the body congeals the stagnant fluids into mucus states that make the perfect environment for parasitic colonization.

Whenever inflammation occurs, the sympathetic nervous system must engage to counteract the inflammation. When the immune system triggers the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous state, the parasympathetic nervous system, which influences digestion, disengages. Digestion slows its production so that most or all of the body's energy resources can be diverted to the sympathetic response. The extent to which digestive function diminishes depends on the severity and duration of the sympathetic response. In chronic inflammatory conditions, poor digestion becomes part of the disease process. Both lead to immune deficiency states.

The immune system has a mechanism for dealing with the kind of internal milieu that fosters an infestation and over-growth of yeast and parasites. It relies on the digestive functions of the body to transform damp conditions. The organ system that transforms both damp accumulation and noxious substances (such as yeasts and parasites) from a substantive state into metabolic waste for elimination is the pancreas. When digestion is weak and sluggish, yeasts and parasites are allowed to proliferate and create chronic allergic or auto-immune states. The chronic inflammatory condition creates more dampness which digestion must then eliminate. Yet the chronic inflammatory condition requires sustained sympathetic action, which further diminishes the productive capability of the digestive system. The more sympathetic you are (inflammation, stressed), the less parasympathetic you have (digestion, normal). This creates and perpetuates a cycle of cause/effect with sympathetic dominance and parasympathetic weakness. The greater the differential between the two, the harder it becomes to restore health.p

The best way to solve problems with yeast and/or parasites is through individualized care, taking into account your personal health history of all the contributing factors and patterns of disease associated with this immune problem. Holistic physicians can recommend homeopathic and Chinese herbal medicines specifically for parasites and yeasts. You don't have to be diagnosed with parasites and/or yeast, however, to improve the conditions that foster that growth. Digestion is an important immune regulating function of the body's defensive system. It performs vital house-keeping functions to keep the internal environment from becoming a haven for parasites and other opportunistic pathology-creating organisms. When you improve digestion you improve immunity.

Holistic Medicine provides the proper framework for restoring vitality and health to the digestive system so that the damp conditions ripe for parasites and yeast can be dredged and drained. Supporting the pancreas and stimulating lymphatic drainage are two key components of the yeast/parasite removal process. Damp resolving and qi supplementing herbs are commonly used in Chinese Medicine to improve digestion and immunity. Immune regulating herbs provide allergy relief as well as nutritional support for the organs that become weak in immune deficiency syndromes.

I find the following remedies to be very helpful when rectifying health problems related to yeast/parasite infestation. These nutritional supplements stimulate and support the lymphatic and digestive systems. This is good protocol for most chronic health problems, not just for parasite/yeast over-growth. (these can be found at

1. Newton Lymphatic Drainer (homeopathic remedy): stimulates lymphatic drainage and also supports liver and kidney functions to remove toxins ... a must for sluggish digestion, hepatic congestion, inflammatory bowel conditions, chronic respiratory illness, allergies and skin conditions; appropriate for the entire family; long term use okay for chronic conditions

2. Standard Process Pancreatrophin (whole food nutritional supplement): supports the health and functioning of the pancreas ... a must for sluggish digestion, hepatic congestion, weak constitution, allergies and all skin conditions;

3. Standard Process Allerplex (whole food nutritional supplement): supports the vitality and functions of the adrenal glands, lungs, liver and kidneys (important for chronic allergies), supports proper acid/alkaline balance ... a must for weak constitution, chronic respiratory illness, allergies and over-all immunity.

4. Chien Chin (Chinese herbal formula): supports elimination via the renal system, supports bladder health, drains damp ... a must for yeast infections, chronic urinary infections, chronic respiratory illness, intestinal candidiasis, allergies and all skin conditions.

5. Liddell Immune Boost (homeopathic remedy): improves vitality & immunity, stimulates lymphatic filtering system ... a must for weak constitution, chronic fatigue, chronic respiratory illness, allergies, inflammatory bowel conditions, allergies and all skin conditions.

6. Aquilaria Pills (also known as Aquilaria Transform Qi Pills, Chinese herbal formula)- although traditionally used for symptoms related to poor digestion (distension, pain, constipation, etc.), this formula contains herbs to transform damp from the intestinal tract and supports the kidneys too

7. Shen Ling Bai Zhu Pian (Chinese herbal formula) - useful in chronic diseases as an immune tonic, improves digestion and drains dampness ... good for a weak constitution, sluggish digestion, chronic fatigue, chronic respiratory weakness, intestinal candidiasis

All these clinically-based remedies have broad-spectrum nutritional value for general health and are appropriate for anyone with poor digestion, chronic fatigue, allergies, inflammatory bowel conditions and yeast or parasite infestation. The Chinese formula Chien Chin is an important addition to any detoxification protocol. After immune functions and digestion are improved, the waste materials must be eliminated. Symptoms of "damp heat" will manifest in the renal system (the bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs) and these symptoms are often mistaken as infections. The Chien Chin works like an antibiotic to resolve the "yeast" and it supports the functions of these organs. The Standard Process formulas are available only through licensed holistic practitioners (not available on website or retail: call 904-821-9535 for more info).

Yours in Health,

Dr. Toni

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